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Where society is the final frontier.


He used to read. Now, he writes.

The Social Pitch is a blog owned by John Patrick Allanegui — a 22-year old Filipino who writes because he believes that space isn’t the real final frontier.

John entered the stupendous world of blogging in the year 2006 as a high school junior fueled by 1.) raging teen hormones and 2.) a very limited vocabulary. With high hopes of becoming an active blogger during that year, the two aforementioned things unfortunately made his first blog a virtual failure — a failure which was miraculously maintained for a period of 27 months.

Promising that he will make the world a better place in his own little way and passionately make love with writing and thoughts for the rest of his life, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social development while inseparably experiencing and enjoying the politics of the academe to earn a living.

He is currently doing research on the structure and agency relationship and minority identities of women soldiers  in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

During John’s free time, he pretends to be a robot. His other interests include social media, fiction, amateur photography, and the undiscovered wonders of indie music.

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  1. Ted
    February 12, 2012

    you are just cool minded dude. but you could never stop our rage against our own foes. we group up to fight our enemies. that’s in our blood as Visayans. we are Lapulapu’s descendants. sorry but i won’t agree with you this time.

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