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Million People March: No more silence

For a country that claims to enjoy freedom, it would be shameful to not realize that the downfall of our own democratic values will not only be brought by the silent tyranny of corrupt politicians, but by the apathy of its own people as well.

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Lawful, but corrupt: Pork and limitations of bureaucracy

The pork barrel scam shows us only a fragment of how the limitations of bureaucracy allow bad practices to be institutionalized under our noses. In the midst of looking for who are involved in this political bonanza, we ask: How can a bureaucratic government maintain its efficiency and rationality for the common good? How can a bureaucracy be answerable to the public?

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Selective sight at the “gates of hell”

We must recognize that we cannot simply demand the renunciation of hurtful depictions of our reality in order to alter the truth.

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Symbolic violence in the Taiwanese threat

An aggressive rhetoric that manifests itself in the form of economic sanctions always has its symbolic dimension of violence.

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Editorial: Between conflict and consensus

True enough, the ways we write are profoundly influenced by our social location. This idea is largely true of The Social Pitch which not only is developed from my personal and social location, but takes that particular setting as the main subject matter.

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The vote against Nancy Binay

Nancy Binay outshines herself as a political servant in front of the Filipino public and takes responsibility behind the looming shadow of her father.

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Bloody Boston: The mediated manhunt

The Boston manhunt on social media is just one of the events that makes us revalue our online responsibility as a collective force that drives the very stories we consume and share to others.

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